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Aerial Tube Bundle Extractor – Super IdroKid | 35 tons

The aerial bundle puller mod. Bundle extractor Super IdroKid Extractor weights only 5400 kg. (11.900 lbs) and is long 8000 mms (26,3 feet), but clue to its unique and particular construction in high resistance steel, it is able to pull and push tube bundles till 7700 mms. (25,26 feet) of length, 35 tons of bundle […]

Pigging and decoking Machine

Pigging and decoking

“H.D.T.” HYDRO-DECOKING TECNOLOGY The Pigging and decoking machine is a new new decoking ‘s concept from Idrojet S.r.l. for industrial cleaning machines, using the latest technology in fact we can now offer you a new machine that can make you save time and money and run your heaters more efficiently. Idrojet S.r.l., together with some specialists in […]

External Bundle Cleaning Robot E 930 Series 2015

The external bundle cleaning robot mod. E 930 Series 2015  it’s perfect to solve the heat exchangers external cleaning job. The water jet lances, up to 1400 bars (20,000 psi) of max working pressure, has a vertical working range of 185 cm. and an horizontal working range of 900 cm. which enables it to move closer […]

Heat Exchangers Cleaning AUTOJET SI 930-5

Heat Exchangers Cleaning Autojet SI 930/5

IDROJET s.r.l. has introduced on the first january of 2009 a new heat exchanger multilances internal cleaning robot mod.AUTOJET SI 930/5 on scissor-lift. This tube bundle cleaning machine is designed to clean all kind of heat exchangers internal tubes with a maximum of 5 rigid lances an a cleaning site or “insitu” , thanks to a scissor.lift […]


idrojet open house 2017

Open House 2017

At May 23 at 09.00, At our company we will present the new one  “NEW PIGGING MACHINE ON TRAILER”. To book please contact us by phone (+39) 95 713 11 25 or send us an e-mail click on it.

Aerial bundle extractor in action

Aerial Bundle Extractor in Action

Psi successfully for IRPC Thailand in February 2017, shutdown with Idrokid Extractor 50 tons by Idrojet s.r.l.  

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