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IFAT 2016

...and the winner is...


Mechanical bundle lift

Pull & push




This is to inform that recently Kidextractor Limited - Malta, was intimated on the 6 July 2016 by the Maltese Court, to do not use any photos, videos, drawings and/or project of Idrojet S.r.l. - Italy, intellectual property as per maltese sentence of Mr. Anthony Ellul.

Further we wish to inform all Idrojet customers that models:

teaserbox 26851669

Autojet I 930/5

Registred Trademarks reference number: 12352324/0718

teaserbox 26851673

Autojet E 930

Registred Trademarks reference number:12352322/0718

teaserbox 26215781

"Pull & Push 10T"

Registred Trademarks reference number:12352309/0718

are registered trademarks of Idrojet S.r.l.

The use of them by other companies will result in an infrangment of International Patent laws, as well as the use of the design of "Round Balance Arch" in the bundle extractors

arieal bundle

Round Balance Arch

Patent number: 000426598-0001

teaserbox 26215781

"Pull & Push 10T"

Patent number: w02016/020945a1

teaserbox 28349806

Dual Flex Lances Robot

Patent number: w0 00/17595

will result as well in the patent infrangment.

Also the construction and marketing of the designed "Pull & Push 10T" extractors and the design of  "Dual Flex Lances Robot" it will result in a patent infrangment.
Looking forward for any information.

Best Regards.