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Mechanical Bundle Lift

Mechanical Bundle Lift Mechanical bundle lift have a new shaped tension arms can easily lift and move any bundle till 50 tons and act as a normal bundle arch for your existing aerial extractor. TECHNICAL DATA MECHANICAL BUNDLE LIFT


Aerial Tube Bundle Extractor – Mega Idrokid |45 tons

Mega Idrokid 45 tons Bundle Extractor The aerial bundle puller mod. Bundle Extractor Mega Idrokid weights only 5800 kg. (12.790 lbs.) and is long 10000 mm. (32,8 feet), but due to its unique and particular construction in high resistance steel, it is able to pull and push tube bundles till 9500 mm. (31,17 feet) of length, […]


FX 2/3 – Dual Flex Lances Internal Tube Cleaner

Internal Tube Cleaner Autojet FX 2/3 is a flexible semi-automatic blasting water system hydraulically operated, designed for the horizontal and vertical cleaning of the tubes of heat exchangers, by removing oils and mineral, using the water pressure up to 1400 atm (20,000 psi). Very easy to use, just put the lance gun against the exchanger […]


New Autojet E930 series 2015 With Rotating head from top

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoyvnrfQN3I[/embedyt]



Pull and push Pneumatic Engine

Hydraulic tube bundle extractor Pull and push Pneumatic Engine Insert and pull tube bundle from heat exhanger it has never been so easy, thanks to new Pull and Push, small and strong. Our new small bundle extractor, Is equipped with a new pneumatic motor classified as Atex cat. II, in order to be able to […]


New Decoking Unit on trailer Video

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5eUCVWKKn8[/embedyt] At first, it is just an idea to create a Decoking unit on the trailer, but in a couple of days thanks to our engineers and our skilled workers, the idea takes shape. We want create a decoking unit that was flexible and speed, We focused our goal. It’s clear that a Decoking […]


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