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bundle extractor 45 tons

Aerial Tube Bundle Extractor – Super IdroKid | 45 tons

Bundle extractor Super IdroKlD Extractor/2 The aerial bundle puller mod. Bundle extractor Super IdroKlD Extractor/2 weight only 5600 kg. (12.300 lbs) and is long 8000 mm. (26,3 feet). Thanks its unique and particular construction in high resistance steel, it is able to pull and push tube bundles till 7700 mm. (23,26 feet) of length, and 45 […]

Catalyst Handling

Catalyst Handling

Catalyst Handling Idrorjet Srl in collaboration with a local engineer, has developed a revolutionary new machine to open the bottom of the reactors installed in the re-gasifyng plants, for removing and replacing the catalyst enclosed within. The reactors are usually located in a very high ground clearance, we have developed a special scissor-lift, able to […]


Internal Bundle Cleaning Robot – Idrobox

Internal Bundle Cleaning Robot “IDROBOX” The IdroBox by Idrojet S.r.l. – Italy is a pneumatic flex-lance internal bundle cleaning robot for Heat Exchangers, which is an powerful support for all companies providing cleaning of heat exchangers, among others, for heat and power plants and petrochemical factories. Thanks to its ultralight design the safety and comfort of […]


External Bundle Cleaning Robot E 930 Series 2015

The external bundle cleaning robot mod. E 930 Series 2015  it’s perfect to solve the heat exchangers external cleaning job. The water jet lances, up to 1400 bars (20,000 psi) of max working pressure, has a vertical working range of 185 cm. and an horizontal working range of 900 cm. which enables it to move closer […]



wjta-imca 2017


Idrojet srl and Idrokid srl would like to invite you to the WJTA-IMCA 2017

pull and push bundle extractor

Pull and push Pneumatic Engine

Hydraulic tube bundle extractor Pull and push Pneumatic Engine Insert and pull tube bundle from heat exhanger it has never been so easy, thanks to new Pull and Push, small and strong. Our new small bundle extractor, Is equipped with a new pneumatic motor classified as Atex cat. II, in order to be able to […]


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