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Idrojet srl and Idrokid srl would like to invite you to the WJTA-IMCA 2017 in New Orleans at


that will be held on Oct. 25-27 at stand 322


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Super Mega Idrokid 2 | 75 tons

Bundle Extractor

The aerial bundle puller mod. Bundle Extractor Super Mega 2 Idrokid weights only 6200 kg. (13.670 lbs.) and is long 11000 mm. (36 feet), but due to its unique and particular construction in high resistance steel, it is able to pull and push tube bundles till 9500 mm. (31,17 feet) of length, 75 tons of bundle weight up to 3000 mm. (9,84 feet) of bundle diameter with a pulling force of 80 tons.


Lenght11000 mms
Width1550 mms
height2350 mms
Weight (with bundle arch)5800 kgs
Weight (without bundle arch)7800 kgs
Maximum bundle extraction heightN/A
Minimum bundle extraction heightN/A
TypeRexroth var delivery
Lenght10012 mms
Bundle weight capacity75000 kgs
Diameter3035 mms
Winch pull force80000 kgs
Speed2.8 m/minutes
TypeHatz mod. 2L41C
Number of cylinders2
Cubic capacity1716
Horse power33 KW
Cooling systemair
40 DV cont

pull and push bundle extractor

Hydraulic tube bundle extractor

Pull and push Pneumatic Engine

Insert and pull tube bundle from heat exhanger it has never been so easy, thanks to new Pull and Push, small and strong.

Our new small bundle extractor, Is equipped with a new pneumatic motor classified as Atex cat. II, in order to be able to work
Even in refineries where blasting engines are not permitted.

The engine, equipped with a spark arrestor in order to be used also in hazardous areas, drives an hydraulic pump and is equipped with an hydraulic winch that can Pull and Push the most obstinate tube and/or tube bundle in one stroke, normally in less than 10 minutes !

All hydraulic functions are remotely controlled, allowing a reduction in personnel and increasing the safety of the operators. When the tube or the tube bundle is completely on the bundle extractor the load is balanced using an hydraulic cylinder.

Given the reduced dimensions of our small bundle puller it will be easier to access the heat exchanger, it is no longer necessary to disassemble the superstructure when lifting the tube bundle or tube from the machine frame.

Watch video of the new Pull abd Push testing from Idrojet You Tube channel

Pull and push 10 tons testing

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5eUCVWKKn8[/embedyt]

At first, it is just an idea to create a Decoking unit on the trailer, but in a couple of days thanks to our engineers and our skilled workers, the idea takes shape.
We want create a decoking unit that was flexible and speed, We focused our goal.
It’s clear that a Decoking machine on the trailer has some advantages as it can be moved without the use of a crane, furthermore the washing tanks are larger, in short,
higher transport speeds and shorter working times.

new pul and push 20 tons
Lenght7400 mm./ 25 feet
Maximum Height1880 mm./ 74 Inches
Width(without arch.)1200 mm./ 48 Inches
Weight without arch2000 Kg./ 4400 Inches
Weight with arch2500 Kg./ 5110 Inches
Maximum bundle lenght7000 mm/ 23 feet
Maximum bundle diameter1600 mm / 63 Inches
Maximum winch pulling force10000 Kg./ 22046 Ibs
Maximum bundle weight20000 Kg./ 44092,452 Ibs
Winch pulling speed2500 mm/min. – 8,2 feet/min
Pump working pressure200 Bars / 2900 psi

Pull and Push ENGINE: silent-pack HATZ model 1D90W

Number of cylinders1
Cubic capacity722 CC
Horse power16 HP
Cooling systemair

….all at half price of standard extractors, covering 70% of heat exchanger in oil refinery


click here for all information about of all pull and push 5, 10, 15, 20 tons

Idrojet S.r.l. awarded a public tender from european community founded called

lnvestment in purchase of equipment for rendering new pro-ecological services for cleaning of industrial plants in Bąkowo