Our Mission


Placeat providere et privilegium concedere,
quod Studium generale fiat in Civitate Cathanie,
cum civica sit ad hoc optimissima et fertilis.

Dear Customers,
With those worlds Alfonso of Aragano in the year 1434, awarded the oldest University in Sicily, the University of Catania, and we have made ours his worlds in the Ethic Codes and Mission of our Companies Idrojet S.r.l. Italy and droKid S.r.l.

  • First of All, Loyalty and Correctness, in fact the relationship between us and our customers, as well as the relationship between the management of our company and our employees, is strongly monitored by our board of directors, in order to prevent any act in conflict with those principles.
  • Second, Trasparence, all decisional process and actions in our company is based on the quality, integrity and constant updates.
  • Third, Confidentiality, we protect the secrecy of all internal and confidential information, by providing to our staff principles of confidentiality and submitting them general rules on privacy laws.
  • Fourth, “Promotion of Merit”, the recognition and the enhancement of the merit of each one of our staff is one of the major works of our company.
    In fact, we warranty in all its fullness this principle, by a strict selection of our staff and rewarding the most evaluated ones, basing our choice on the quality of their work.
  • Fifth, Social Responsibility, we feel very much responsible to create and promote opportunities for training and outreach of our staff, on basic issues like ethic, legality, safety and quality of their jobs.
  • Sixth, Health Protection and Environmental Protection, our company undertakes to warranty working conditions aimed at protecting the health steadily, as well as we promote the respect for the environmental, intended as the benefit of the general public in a perspective of sustainable development.
  • Seventh, Promotion of News, we constantly, research for new technological products, by evaluating new projects of local engineers, in the general view of expanding our range of products and make the maintenance works in oil refineries and chemical plants worldwide, everyday easier.
  • Eight,Broadcast of News, thanks to a big dealers network, present in the all five continents, in more than 42 countries worldwide, we are very proud to spread the information of our new products through them by every day new catalogues on line and printed ones.
  • Ninth, Quality Control, we have set up in the factory a strict quality control carrying out the CE Certification rules on quality and safety equipment production matter.
  • Tenth, After Sales Service Assistance, Idrojet S.r.l. and Idrokid S.r.l. have recruited the best technicians in the world to serve in our after sales service factory assistance of our sold equipment, assuring you a 24 hours shipment of major maintenance ordered spare parts till a maximum of 72 hours of delivery for daily ordered spare parts, thanks to a big stock of spare parts of all our in house constructed equipment.

In few worlds, call us, and any job will became much easier !

Dr. La Ferla Fabio.
General Manager.