idroenergy hight pressure water pumps

High Pressure Water Pumps “IDROENERGY”

Idrojet srl proudly to introduce our “New Line” of high pressure water pumps “IDROENERGY” line, powered by Pratissoli Interpump Group.

idroenergy hight pressure water pumpsidroenergy hight pressure water pumps
Our pumps range in size from 50 HP up to 500 HP with pressure from 200 bars up to 3000 bars (3000 Psi up to 43.500 Psi).

Our equipments are fully CE certified and are found in 50 Countries world wide.

control panel Internal bundle cleaning robot Idrobox 3combo

Idrobox 3Combo

Internal Bundle Cleaning Robot Idrobox 3combo is a new modular design of the Idrobox, allows to connect 2 or 3 or 4 “Idrobox” into one “Idrobox 3combo” in order to operate with several lances at same time, with synchronized drive and variable speed of the frame.

frame Internal bundle cleaning robot Idrobox combo

Internal Bundle Cleaning Robot Idrobox 3combo FRAME STD + CONTROL PANEL

Set including: complete pneumatic frame with air motors + air hoses and special top bracket for shell flange, positioning guiding box, 3-way remote control panel with integrated UHP safety button and complete air treatment station, air hoses, manual.


  • Working area: 1500 mm x 1500 mm
  • Speed up to : 0.1 m / s
  • Pneumatic motors max. air consumption: 1200 l/min.
  • Material: Aluminum, stainless steel
  • Ultra lightweight;
  • Safe & mobility & stability by adjustable legs with wheels;
  • Improved stability by special joint in the upper part of the frame;
  • Easy to install by one worker;
  • The modular design allows the extension of the working area;
  • Fine tuning of the lance through the variable speed of the frame with fast & slow modes;
  • Wide range of options eg. video surveillance;
  • Corrosion resistance with anodized aluminium profiles & stainless steel components.


  • E-STOP button integrated with safety system of UHP unit directly;
  • A 5/3-way valves based control;
  • Adjustable speed;
  • Meets all safety standards & EU Directives;
frame idrobox combo


Internal Bundle Cleaning Robot “IDROBOX”

The IdroBox by Idrojet S.r.l. – Italy is a pneumatic flex-lance internal bundle cleaning robot for Heat Exchangers, which is an powerful support for all companies providing cleaning of heat exchangers, among others, for heat and power plants and petrochemical factories.
Thanks to its ultralight design the safety and comfort of the operator are increased as well as efficiency.

Performance of the cleaning process is increased up to 4 times compared to manual works, what leads to significant costs savings of the cleaning process.
The IdroBox by Idrojet S.r.l. – Italy allows to work with different outside diameters of flex lances without any additional tools and exchanging elements.
The IdroBox by Idrojet S.r.l.  Italy, keeps adjustable, constant speed of cleaning for the whole length of tube. Despite the small size and the weight of the device, the operator can use optional balancer to improve comfort of cleaning heat exchangers.
The modular design of the IdroBox by Idrojet S.r.l.  Italy, allows to connect a few ones into one IdroBox Combo and operate several lances at the same time with the synchronized drive.

Main features:

  • Able to use different outside flex-lance diameter without changing any elements from 8 mm to 15 mm;
  • Ultra light weight only 9 kg;
  • Air treatment station with 2 mt air hose;
  • Protection rear hose
  • Always included in the price : tools + accessories + flight case.

Standard scope of delivery includes wide range of accessories:

  • IdroBox unit,
  • Air Treatment station with air hose 2m,
  • Stainless Steel Guiding tube ID 26mm, 400 mm length,
  • Protection rear hose 400 mm,
  • Specially designed flight case,
  • 5 sets of FIP cones, stop-ends, hose catchers for different diameter of flex-lances,
  • Tools,
  • Additional high friction belt,
  • Manual.


Internal Bundle Cleaning Robot Idrobox Combo



FX2 AIR – Dual Flex Lances Internal Tube Cleaner

Internal Tube Cleaner

Autojet FX 2/3 is a flexible semi-automatic blasting water system hydraulically operated, designed for the horizontal and vertical cleaning of the tubes of heat exchangers, by removing oils and mineral, using the water pressure up to 1400 atm (20,000 psi).

Very easy to use, just put the lance gun against the exchanger tube and operate the trigger, operator has no need to touch the flexible lance, which delivers the water at high pressure, he is completely protected from damage caused by high pressure jets.

“FX 2/3” is fitted with two standard lances of 12 mt. (39,3 feet) and 5 or 6 mm. bore.

Longer and langer diameter lances can be supplied to special order. A wide variety of nozzles may be used and optionally “Autojet FX 2/3” can be supplied with 3 flexlances.


Lenght900 mm
Width720 mm
Height260 mm
Weight87 kg
Lance working stroke1200 cm / 39.3 feet
Lance O. diameter9.4 / 11.6 mm
Lance I. diameter5/6 mm
Flow x lance45/60 lt
Lance speed07/1.5 mt/sec
Air motorParker
Cilindrate22 cc
Max water pressure8 Bar


Dynamic cleaning performance with Idrojet cleaning tools ! They remove the deposite such as coke , polymers , salts , water residue , synthetics or natural latex, PVC , etc. in a fast , economic matter . In short , whenever , or wherever internal vessel , tank , autoclave or oder internal equipment surfaces became fouled or function inefficently , or in fashion that negatively affects product quality, these are the conditions when our cleaning heads are utilized to restore a clean precess environment . Idrojet offers a complete line of cleaning heads for customer ‘s requirements .
Technical datatwk9-400twk10-800twk10-1200twk13-800
Operating pressure p(bar)50-40050-800100-120050-800
Flow rate Q (l/min)30-10030-12030-15050-200
Max pump power (kW)74160300266
Rotor speed (min)5-202-202-205-20
Number of rotors1111
Connection (A)G1/2M24x1,5/DKO-SM36x2/DKO-SM36x2/DKO-S
material (casing)brassVAtitanSS
Operating temperature (C)40707070
Weight approx. (Kg)12,512,51714
Lenght approx. (mm)375420425300
Diameter centric min. (mm)130130180150
Diameter eccentric min. (d) (mm)115
TWK-model15/90018/40018/400 with 2 rotors20/400
Technical datatwk15-900
Operating pressure p(bar)50-100050-40050-40050-400
Flow rate Q (l/min)30-20050-30050-40050-400
Max pump power (kW)333220296296
Rotor speed (min)2-202-202-202-20
Number of rotors1121
Connection (A)M36 x 2/DKO-sM36x2/DKO-SM36x2/DKO-SM36x2/DKO-S
material (casing)bronzebronzebronzeSS
Operating temperature (C)70707070
Weight approx. (Kg)19191923
Lenght approx. (mm)410410410385
Diameter centric min. (mm)210280500210
Diameter eccentric min. (d) (mm)230

swivel jointIn a world where life is becoming ever faster, we need things to remind us of what life is really all about.

We need something to give us back our time. Time for the things which really matter. Idrojet S.rl. wishes to make a contribution to this outlook on life. That is what our philisophy and all the products which today comprise the world of Idrojet stand for. This applies to cleaning equipment which established the reputation of the Idrojet name.

The latest born are our high pressure swivels up to 2.800 bars / 40,000 psi, totally made in stainless steel, with high quality bearings and seals, which guarantee a long life. Now all problems with leaking swivels are solved.

This is one of our products which has been created by people, for people, and anyone who has held one of these can tell that in addition to their functional beauty, these products possess something else, a soul!

The external bundle cleaning robot mod. E 930 Series 2015  it’s perfect to solve the heat exchangers external cleaning job.
The water jet lances, up to 1400 bars (20,000 psi) of max working pressure, has a vertical working range of 185 cm. and an horizontal working range of 900 cm. which enables it to move closer to the bundle and to be tilted by 90 degrees.
The bundle can also be rotated from the control hut, inside the cabin, by means of a hydraulic rollers system.Hydraulic power unit with vibration mounting on the frame Oil cut-off valve. Oil compatible wheels for easy relocation on the job site. Control hut with adjustable seat, opening window wind-shield wiper, tools compartment.


Lenght9080 mm
Width920 mm
Weight2000 kg
Cabin hut height1830 mm
Column height (at working)2700 mm
Number of nozzle1/5
Flow x nozzle70 lt
Water pressuretill 1400 Bar /20000 PSI
Jet lance horizontal travel9000 mm
Jet lance vertical travel1850 mm
Jet lance cross travel90 degrees
TypeSilent-pack Hatz Diesel mod.1D81C
Number of cylinders1
Cubic capacity667 cc
Horse power10 KW
Cooling systemair
Oil tank140 lt
Oli cooling systemair

Heat Exchangers Cleaning AUTOJET SI 930-5

IDROJET s.r.l. has introduced on the first january of 2009 a new heat exchanger multilances internal cleaning robot mod.AUTOJET SI 930/5 on scissor-lift.

This tube bundle cleaning machine is designed to clean all kind of heat exchangers internal tubes with a maximum of 5 rigid lances an a cleaning site or “insitu” , thanks to a scissor.lift that it is able to lift this machine till 6 mt. high, and spray high pressure water jets moving both horizontal and vertical up to 1400 bar (20000 psi) maxi working pressure.
All movements driven by hydraulic motor and fed by diesel silent-pack power unit that can be operated by both a radio wireless control box or by a wire remote control box.
Optional : New “Stop & Go” system fully electronic lances waterjet cleaning.


Lenght10600 mm
Width2500 mm
Height2700 mm
Weight3000 kg
Number of nozzle1/5
Flow70 lt/min
Water pressure Maxtill 1400 Bar / 20000 PSI
Jet lance horizontal travel9300 mm
Jet lance vertical travel1880 mm
Jet lance cross travel1550 mm


Straddle Carrier

Thanks to the Straddle Carrier the extracted heat exchanger is transported to the cleaning area, without the need for auxiliary cranes for positioning.
The 20T Straddle Carrier series easily transports tube bundles up to a speed of 40 km / h, with a load capacity of up to 20 tonnes.
Finally the straddle Carrier has been designed to comply with CE road transport regulations, in fact the overall height, length and width are standard dimensions.